Sunday, March 27, 2011


So we won!!! Yeah!!! Of course the money is great and I am going to continue this journey. In fact the whole team is. I know we can do this. My teammates have become family. This is a bond that we will have forever. Thanks Lori, KM, Jen and Sarah. Let's get to our next goals.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

One Door Closes, Another Opens...

The results are in and I am sooo proud of what I was able to accomplish in 4 weeks - that's right, FOUR weeks as there were 2 weeks where I was not able to exercise at all as a result of an ongoing illness and Doctor's orders.

I cannot believe my results in such a short time.; 4 pounds and change lost, 6 inches lost and down 2 jean sizes (from a 30 to a 28!) And while I know it would've been better with the 2 additional weeks, I'm satisfied that I did all I could with the hand I was dealt.

But even more important then what the scale and the measuring tape show, I am emotionally a different person now than I was 6 weeks ago. I am loving the control I have over my weight - I love how I decide. So with that power, I am choosing to continue this journey - to reach my goal and to then keep myself where I need to be; healthy, happy and confident in the way I look; finally! I joined a gym, have personal training sessions scheduled 3 times a week for the next 12 weeks and with daylight savings time and our step contest still going, I plan to do A LOT of intervals!

I want to thank my team incredible members - Jen, Hilary, Katherine Marie and Sarah - for talking me off the ledge every time I was going to do something crazy like workout when I wasn't supposed to. And even more than that, they helped me not feel so guilty about not giving what I wanted to give during the 2 weeks I had to take off. It made all the difference for me emotionally, as normally, I would have just given up and rendered the situation hopeless. I am so lucky to have been teamed with such amazing ladies and I know that we will continue this journey as a source of support for each other and will go places we never thought possible, together.

I also want to thank my family - mostly for allowing me the time I needed to make all this happen, without making me feel bad for missing time with them. As mothers, we are always conflicted about these kinds of choices and having a great support system at home that actually says "mom, you look so good!" makes me realize that they want the same things I do - a mom who is happy, healthy and feeling good at every stage of her life.

I am so grateful to Nik for doing this contest as it really was the catalyst for positive change in my life. Sure, it was the money at first, but now I know it's much more than that - effin' brilliant Nik!

So the contest is over, but the race is not. The goal has shifted from 6 weeks to forever. And while I'm sad to see the door close on the 6 week contest, I am super excited for the door that's about to open to let this strong, healthy, better version of me walk through.

See you all at the gym :-)

In gratitude...

First Goal Reached

I DID IT! I reached my 12 pound weight loss for the competition. I'm so, so, so, so excited that I was able to reach that target in such a short amount of time.

I'm 1/5 of my way into my overall weight-loss goal but I'm not giving myself a timeline. I realized throughout this that one of the reasons I never succeeded before was that I would set an unrealistic date for "success", not reach my unrealistic target goal, and then give up.

I don't want to give up on myself this time- I'm pushing through and will continue this journey until I'm at my target weight.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Week 6: It's all about Finishing Strong!

So last week I committed to finishing strong, and I am proud to say that I did just that! The past 7 days have been all about working out - hard - and eating really right.

I did 3 days of strength training and 7 days straight of interval training for cardio. I walked everywhere and anywhere I could and the diet was spot on - I didn't even have cake at the monthly birthday celebration, not even a taste of frosting which is a total weakness for me.

But will it be enough to at least make up for some of the 2 weeks of exercising I missed as a result of the staph infection I suffered? Who knows! All I know is I did everything I could possibly do and while I'm nervous about weighing in, I am also optimistic that the scale and the measuring tape will have some good news for me.

Until tomorrow...wish me luck!
When Lori initially came to me with this challenge I was “Yeah! Absolutely!” But in thinking about actually having to do it, my thoughts were anything but positive. “It’s going to be hard. I don’t want to give up burgers, fries, bread, etc. I don’t have time to do this.” And the ultimate excuses, “I can’t because I am nursing” and “It’s going to take time away from the baby.” Fortunately, I had enough wits about me to recognize them for what they were, excuses. So when the challenge started I was ready and sort of willing to make changes in my life.

My motivation was wanting to be healthier and to feel better about myself. I wanted to get back the body, attitude and self confidence I had at my wedding, less than 2 years ago. When I saw the before pictures and my starting weight I wanted to cry. I weighed more than I did right after giving birth!

I struggled in the first weeks, but with more time spent working out with Nik and on my own, logging my food, blogging and seeking and finding support in my teammates, I noticed a change. And it wasn’t really about weight loss. It was my attitude.

I looked forward to the workouts, I made smart food choices without feeling deprived, I felt better about myself overall and I was actually making change happen in my life. Stairs and double veg and quick jogs and deadlifts using the baby as my weight. Don’t get me wrong, I had my moments, but overall, I could feel an optimism stealing over me. When I started seeing physical changes - 3 pounds, 5 pounds, 9 pounds, 2” off my waist then 3.5” and finally throwing away maternity clothes - it was awesome!

Now 6 weeks later, I am stronger, healthier and smarter. I am also 14 pounds lighter and my waist is 6” smaller. But this is only the beginning. The new habits I have started will not end tomorrow with the contest, but are just a starting point.

I would like to thank Nik for giving me this opportunity to make a change, my teammates for always being there for me and my husband and two boys for supporting me and cheering me on in their own way (Mommy, you’re not fat anymore!).

I am looking forward to losing the next 14 in the months to come. Bring it on.

Hilary-I’m Worth It-Final Post before we win!!!

As you know I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I weighed more than when I was 9 months pregnant and I didn’t want to put my head in the sand anymore. I was at a point in my life were I need to choose a path. My choices were to continue down the path I was heading which was unhealthy and unfit. The future was close on getting diabetes and high blood pressure. Or to chose a different path and to get fit and fabulous in my 40’s. I choose the later.

Obviously this weigh gain wasn’t put on overnight. I’ve basically tried every diet out there. Which in the end I gained more back than I lost and messed up my metabolism along the way. I was trying to do this with no exercise. Well I’ve learned that is not possible for long term weight loss and happiness.

My motivations are:

1. Live a long and healthy life. I’m doing this for my son and husband but ultimately I’m doing it for me because I’m worth it!
2. Look hot in a sexy black dress.
3. Run a 5k this year, a 10k next year and then who knows.
4. Look and feel wonderful in a bathing suit.
5. Family trip to Hawaii in 2012.

I’ve learned life changing habits:

1. Eating right and journaling everything no matter what. It keeps me accountable.
2. Eating protein at every meal and eating every 3 hours.
3. Exercising and not just the same thing day in and day out. Interval training and weight lifting is the key to success.
4. It is ok to mess up. Just get right back on. We are human and life is not perfection.
5. I am an emotional eater and the first step to success is to know what my triggers are and I’m on my way.
6. Love myself. Most importantly love myself for who I am. And not to beat myself up for mistakes that I’ve made along the way.

I started this contest wearing size 16 jeans and now I wear size 10 jeans. I’ve gone down 3 sizes. I’ve lost 16 pounds. And I’m also down 7 inches. All in 6 weeks!!!! And this is just the beginning.

I want to thank my teammates as without them I might have lost my motivation along the way. They have been my anchors. They have inspired and motivated me along the way. They were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on and believe me I cried. We have become such a close group. I’ve learned so much about my teammates over the last 6 weeks. This is a bond that we will share for a lifetime. They are an incredible group of ladies.

I want to thank Nik for this contest. While winning the money would be nice I wanted to start this contest to get my life back. It was the jump start that I needed and thank you so much. I’ve learned so much from you and will continue doing what you have taught me.

Most importantly I want to thank my husband and son. Without their support this wouldn’t have been possible. I love you so much!

This is the start of my journey. One chapter is closing but a new one is just beginning.

I’m Worth It and I WILL be fit and fabulous at 43!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 5 for Mrs.Newton

"We are creating a life either by design or by default."

Well, this week I'm back on track. I've been working out like a crazy person and eating really well...and it shows! I've lost 3 more pounds, putting me 1.5 pounds away from my goal in this competition. WOO HOO! In following with my mind/body/spirit transformation, I have started to meet with a therapist that is helping me visualize my dreams and create a strategy to achieve them...and I love it! This exercise fell right in line with what Nik was asking us to do this week - create a mission statement that incompases your goals, timeline and strategy. Here is mine for the competition:

By March 31, 2011, I have lost 8 lbs, putting my weight at 165 lbs. I will accomplish this goal by working out 5 times a week, logging my food and sticking closely to a 1,200 calorie a day diet. In return for this time, I will help my team win the fitness challenge and be on target for my total transformation in 2011.

As you all saw, we each created Motivation Boards to help keep us excited! Since I'm a visual person, I also created a Motivation Timeline. This has helped me so much in the past few weeks. Right now I'm just concentrating on the March 2011 goal. But, it helps me see how far I have come and what great things I am working towards!

One more week to go. Let's finish strong!!

Week 4 for Mrs.Newton

"Grab every opportunity that comes your way and watch what happens."

I want to be a "yes (wo)man!" And part of this challenge is saying yes to things I would normally say no to, such as jogging in the morning (I like my sleep), walking for two hours on the strand (people, I have things to do!), eating greek yogurt for breakfast instead of toast (I NEED CARBS!). But, because of this competition I have said YES to all these things (and more!) and I am so glad I did!! Saying yes to this challenge in the first place has changed my life. And though it has been so hard at times, and sometimes I take a couple of steps back before I go forward again, it has helped me prove to myself that I CAN DO IT!

This week Nik asked us to write dow what we would attempt to do if we knew we could not fail. I LOVE THIS QUOTE because I've been a big quitter my whole life...up until now! So, I'm reaching for the starts and am going to say yes to doing these 5 things!

Two more weeks to go...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We could win this thing!

I have seen other posts on what everyone would do with the prize money and have been giving more thought to what I might do with it. Originally, I had planned to spend it on new clothes for my honeymoon. However, having gone through 5 weeks, I realize that I am not ready for this challenge to end.

I am starting to see real results. More strength, an ability to hold proper form, an increase in reps and weight and after just over a month! I have decided that if we win, I am going to put most of the prize money back into the workout, seeing this as an investment in myself. And frankly, it is one that is well worth it (not to steal Hilary's tag). And I might splurge on a pair of gray Lululemon pants (thanks for the tip Nik! ;)

4 days and counting, let's finish strong ladies. STRONG!!!

A New Milestone

Today I did something I never thought I could do - a 12mph 30 second interval. That's right, 12 MPH!!! And I did it at the END of my interval circuit just to really heat things up. I started with 5 11MPH 30 secs and then pushed it to 12 on the last one just to see if I could - and I did!

I am excited to see what other surprises await me with more hard work and dedication - and what else I'm capable of.

Bring it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Inspiration Redux

Week 6: With clearance from my Dr. on Thursday (with a cautionary "take it slow" reminder), I'm ready to rock and roll. I've been doing intervals for the last 3 days in a row, for an hour each time, pressing it and pushing myself harder than I ever think I can - and even surprising myself.

But today, I heard a quote that really hit home for me as I finish up this last week - "it's not how you start, it's how you finish." And while all my efforts in the last week of this thing may not show up on the scale, I'm not discouraged. So long as I finish stronger than I began, it's good enough for me. This isn't about 6 weeks, it's about a lifetime and I'm in it for the longhaul, but this last week, I will most definitely finish stronger than I started.

WINNING! (Said in Charlie Sheen Voice)

Not that Charlie Sheen is the best inspiration; but when I'm feeling a little low, I visualize him saying "WINNING" and it pumps me up (and makes me chuckle)! I think the true prize of this competition is a slimmer physique and greater self confidence. But, if someone is going to throw an extra grand my way as well, I'm not going to complain! So, here's what I would do with my winnings...
With my $1,000 I will:
1) Take $500 to pay for my vow renewal on my 10-year anniversary trip;
2) Take $200 to put towards the new wardrobe I will need including a couple new bikinis to wear on my anniversary trip;
3) Take $300 to put towards a personal trainer to continue this journey.

If I Were A Rich Girl (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)

Okay, no $1,000 will not make me rich but it will make my savings towards next year's vacation that much more substantial.

So let's see:

Airfare from LAX to Bangkok: Over $1k (yikes)
Snorkeling Excursion $50
Me prancing around in a swimsuit on the beaches of Thailand with my new, skinnier body: BEYOND PRICELESS

Just Dance

My dog thinks I've become a crazy person. Why? Well, she's the only witness I have to my morning routine of getting dressed. Lately I've been grabbing things out of the closet that I haven't worn in a long time (like 2 years long time) and when I zip them up with ease, she watches me dance around like I'm on Soul Train becasue I'm so happy.

Basically, I get to go shopping in my own closet- losing enough inches to do that again equates to me not caring if my dog thinks I've gone mental or even the neighbors seeing- it's a casue for a celebration!

I'm so, so happy for the way things have progressed throughout the last five weeks. My goal was to lose 12 pounds and now I'm only three pounds away. I may not make it to my goal by the 27th, but it's not going to be for a lack of trying.

I'm going into this week fully motivated, inspired and ready to win this competition.

(I'm also making a new iPod playlist for more morning dance sessions to come- this is just the start!)

What I’m going to do with the $ when we win!!!

When we win I’m going to take the $1,000 and get a personal trainer. I want to continue with training and exercise as I know that is the key to weight loss and a lifetime of health and well-being.

Week 5 of the Challenge for I’m Worth It

My mind was ready to give it my all last week but my body wasn't. So I'm ready for a new week. Last week wasn’t what I wanted but my health was more important. I came down with bronchitis and had an ear infection in both ears. Yuck!!

So while being sick I didn’t get to workout for a week. But I had a breakthrough, a paradigm shift of the mind this week. I actually missed exercising and I’ve never said that before in my life. Exercise gives me more energy and overall just makes me feel great.

Good news to share. I went down 2 jean sizes. I was the heaviest I've ever been in my life. I'm embarrassed to say but I wore a size 16 but now I'm wearing a size 12 and I'm never going back to size 16 again!!!! Ever.

Over the past 5 weeks I have learned a lot about myself and have formed new habits that I will continue with even after the contest ends. So a new journey is beginning. I am going to get fit and run my 5k in July. And then my goal is a 10k after that. And then who knows…

Thank you Nik and my teammates. You have pushed and inspired me. You were my shoulder to cry on when I needed it. And did I need it.

So even though it is cold and rainy out get out, my goal is to exercise 5 days this week. And when we weigh in on Saturday to have lost more weigh and inches. This is the week to give it my all.

Time flies...when you're changing your life!

Time flies...
when you're changing your life!
I cannot believe that it has been 5 weeks already! So many changes and so much progress, in a way, I wish this challenge was longer. However, I feel like my motivation is in place and won't end when the challenge does. At the market today, I didn't even have to think about my purchases, I picked things that worked for the food plan. When figuring out dinners for the family, I continue to take traditional dishes and tweak them here and there to make them healthier or give myself double veg and skip the potato or rice. I don't even think about taking the elevator in the parking garage and I take a quick turn around the neighborhood at night to get my steps up. I never would have even thought of these things before.

For the first time this challenge, I hit my first speed bump over the weekend by being sick on Saturday. With the exception of going to the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby for Will (he won 1st place for technical design - YEAH!), I pretty much stayed in bed all day and the only things I could eat were bread, pastine and a little meat. But today I was right back on the wagon :). I had wanted to make up for my lack of movement yesterday, but the weather had other plans, so when I went to Target I hit the far left aisle, then walked to the far right, then the 2nd left and 2nd right and so. It helped a bit. I still made my goal of working out 5 times last week, with a interval substitution for a class when my sitter had to cancel. Which is another positive change in me – before I would have used any excuse not to work out, now I simply went for an alternative. I started this challenge to lose baby weight, but I ended up getting so much more out of it. I really want to give a great big thank you to Nik for initiating this contest. And a huge thanks to all my teammates who have helped me stay motivated and on track and supported me every step of the away.

Rolling into week 6, I am pumped and, as we say at Murad, “Ready to make things happen.” My goal is to drop two more pounds before the final weigh in, for a grand total of 12. As Will would say, “Dude, I am sooo making this happen.”

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 6: What Would I Do With An Extra $1,000

So we're in the final stretch - and there's a mere 5 days that separate me and my team from a sweet $5K victory, resulting in $1,000 a piece - that's some serious dough!

So what will I do with my cut? - it's simple...

Whatever the hell I want to! And with 2 kids, private school tuition, gas, groceries, mortgage, and all the rest of the "must-do's" that's pretty freakin' awesome and a real rarity for me!

Go Muraculous 5 - the brass ring is within reach, we've just got to grab it!

Week 5 for LoJay

Week 5: It Takes 5 Weeks to Change A Habit?

Okay, so I never would have believed that line. I mean, it sounds nice and all, but really, 5 weeks to erase years worth of bad habits? Sounds way too good to be true. Well, here's the kicker - it is! Here I am in week 5, and I actually am liking the way I feel, the choices I'm making and getting out and exercising - crazy I know!

This week I've realized that I actually want to move more - I like it - and when I don't get to, I find myself planning where my next opportunity will present itself. I love getting out and walking - for miles - especially with friends. I love intervals on the treadmill and I love strength training and the way I feel after I've worked out, and I love knowing that I can do anything...I just need those precious 5 weeks to get in check.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Motivation for Sarah

I don't know anything about luck. I've never banked on it, and I'm afraid of people who do. Luck to me is something else; hard work and realizing what is opportunity and what isn't.
-- Lucille Ball

Here's to hard work and taking the opportunity to meet my goals- one more week!

Frustrated, But Still Learning

Okay - here I am in week 4 - still sick and still fighting off this crazy infection which means no work outs - and it's really starting to get to me. But as frustrated as I am, I'm still learning so much about how to do things right, especially as it relates to eating.
I've learned that I was making some real mistakes in when and what I ate. I was eating carbs at night, skipping breakfast, eating sporadically, and consuming way too much fat (avocados - which I have also learned are crazy high in calories too!) My metabolism was stalled, my energy was depleted and I totally forgot what it is to be hungry.

So in all my frustration, I've been forced to focus on diet and being really diligent and on-the- money 95% of the time - and it's been a seriously eye-opening experience! I eat breakfast everyday now - always sure to include a protein, embark on a snack mid-morning, then for lunch it's a protein and greens, then another protein rich snack and then for dinner, I go back to protein and greens again - and what I realized is that just like Nik said, eating is critical to weight loss. Even though I have not been able to work out in more than 2 weeks, I've still been losing inches and that to me is total proof that Nik is right!

So with my new found knowledge, and clearance from my Dr, I'm ready to hit the exercise HARD in the coming week and finally be able to reap the benefits of good eating and consistent movement. Thanks Nik!

Reasons to Move It and Lose It for K-M

I wish I could be all spiritual and altruistic, but the reality is, I want to turn heads (especially Ryan’s) when we go to Italy…or to dinner...or to the copier. When I look good, I feel good and it changes my attitude about everything. I have definitely felt a shift in my attitude even without having lost as much as I want, but my expectations are higher. And the following help be stay on course.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 4 of the Challenge for I’m Worth It

There is only one word for week 4. SUCKS!!!! I don’t know what happened but my food was not where it needed to be and exercise what exercise. I had no motivation and didn’t know how to turn things around. I was just in a funk.

Well I have to let the past be the past and just look forward. I need and want this week to be my best ever. My goal for next week is to keep a food journal, exercise 5days and step at least 10,000 steps every day. This is my week to get moving and grooving.

I didn’t want to go weigh in or measure but I did. There is no point to hide from the truth. I did not want to put my head in the sand. I wanted to face it head on. Well the results were surprising to me. I lost 3 pounds. What!!!! So even when I thought it was bad I guess I did better than I thought. This all goes back to me not loving myself and beating myself up for slip ups. Believing that I need to be perfect. I am struggling with this but I am learning along the way.

Totals so far are down 9 pounds and I’ve lost 6 inches. Yay for me!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

LoJay's Motivation

I’ve realized that motivation is key in keeping me on track. Traditionally, I’m not an extrovert when it comes to openly discussing or sharing my motivation – I’ve always been a quiet achiever and my motivation has always come from my goal of having people say “where the hell did she come from?” While that strategy has served me well in my life, I thought since I’m sort of trying lots of new things lately, I’d keep my mind open to a new way of motivating myself to see if I can get any traction. Not sure if it will make the difference, but knowing it’s out there for all to see can only help, right?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

One tired lady...

This week was exhausting! And not because of the workouts (although those were pretty hardcore this week- even the fittest people in class were huffing and puffing) It was a mix of personal stuff and work and a lack of sleep that had me yawning and dragging my butt to the workouts even though I just wanted to take a break (and a nap)

And I have to say, looking back on this week, I am incredibly proud of myself. I stuck to it when I would normally give up. I went to the workouts and pushed myself harder than I had because I love seeing and feeling the results.

Sure I started all of this for a competition. And yes, of course it will be wonderful to win. But I've already accomplished something that I hadn't in previous attempts to lose weight- I'm actually making a lifestyle change.

With only two weeks left, I am excited to see where I'll end up. But week six won't be the end for me- I plan on keeping going and reaching my goal that I set for myself in December 2010 and have yet to meet. Being able to stick to this fitness and nutrition plan thus far has shown me that I can and will do this.


Crazy, crazy week! I spent most of it in NYC and for the first time ever, did not have a bagel, or a burger, or gelato, slice of pizza or even a hot dog!! I really kept to the food plan as much as possible (don't think a street dog counts as a lean protein for the snack, so I grabbed a yogurt :) and more importantly, made good food choices the entire time. Only splurge was some wine on my last night there. And I walked everywhere including one marathon trek from the upper east side to 47th and 11th ave! That, of course, would be the day I forgot to put on my pedometer. Oh well.

I have to say that the biggest change I have felt during this challenge hasn't actually been about weight loss. But how different my attitude is and I'm loving it. Rather than kicking myself for not getting intervals in, I feel good because I made a realistic plan and then stuck to it (smart food choices and walk everywhere). I chose to follow Nik's mantra of "strategy trumps will power" and apply it to my expectations for the week. I knew it would be hard to strictly follow the food plan and get all the workouts in, so I set a different goal for the week - keep my weight where it was and not gain. We'll see how I did on Tuesday.

My goal for this week is to REALLY pump up the exercise. I have made an aggressive plan to compensate for last week; I am going to 2 classes, have 2 private sessions and go to the office gym once. For the weekend, I am going hiking with the boys. Usually, they all go together and it is my "me time" but me needs to get my you-know-what in gear and WIN THIS CHALLENGE!!! Go Muraculous5!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

It is What it Is

What can I say? This week has been beyond devastating! I've had another relapse which has limited my ability to workout which is totally frustrating the hell out of me!

The food thing is easy. I am under my 1200 calories everyday and for the most part, am eating all the right things at the right time of day but without the workouts, I just don't think it's enough.

I saw a specialist on Thursday who is running some additional tests and seems optimistic that next week will bring a much better-feeling me. I am trying so hard to stay positive and really hope that for the last 2 weeks of this competition, I am 100% so I can give 110%. My goal is simple - GET BETTER!

In the meantime, I'll take all I've learned about how to eat and keep applying it with the hope that in the end, it will all work out. After all, it is what it is, right?

Week 3 for Mrs.Newton: "...Up Until Now."

WOW....that is about all I can say. This week I hit the wall. I've been lazy; I've been hungry; I've been overeating; I haven't been sleeping; I've been flaking out on workouts...


I learned this very powerful phrase this week, and how to harness its power. Anytime you put a period on a sentence or thought that is not in line with your vision of where you want to be; insert this phrase before the period. "Up until now" opens up the door to possibility and change. It says, "yes this may be how it has been, but it doesn't have to continue being that way."

As Nik says, so much of our success is mental! The energy we put out goes where it is directed. And if our thoughts aren't in line it the direction we want to be going, we need to redirect it and remove any obstacles between us and that which we desire. When we have negative thoughts, acknowledge them by stopping and saying to the thought, "Thank you; you served me well. But I am moving to a new path." And off you go on your road to success, removing the obstacles and aligning yourself with what you want out of life.

So, I've been overeating, not working out enough, not sleeping well...up until now. And this next week I am:
  • Getting on a consistent sleep schedule
  • Walking or jogging in the morning Monday - Friday
  • Repeating my mantra 3xs a day, or as needed: "I appreciate my life and am so grateful!" (I'm starting here and working up to "I love myself just the way I am.")
So onward and upward to Week 4!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mrs_Newton's Motivation

We are all doing this challenge for different reasons. Yes, the common goal is the same - weight loss. But what really motivates us to change? And how can we keep these motivations top of mind? The Muraculous5 brainstormed on this and decided we would each create our own motivation poster. Below is mine. I keep it at my desk, at my house, in my "inspriation book" and I look at it daily, hourly, and especially when I'm feeling down about my progress. Sometimes I just need a little visual reminder that it's more important for me to be a good example for my daughter, than to eat that cookie! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 3 of the Challenge for I’m Worth It

This week didn’t start out great. I ate some chocolate that I wish I hadn't. I started to beat myself up on why did I eat that chocolate and say things to myself like you just blew it. Now I’ll never get to my goal. Then I realized I would listen to a friend that says just count as a vegetable and move on. Don't dwell on the past just get right back on. People who just get right back on track succeed. The ones that fail are the ones that don’t get right back on track. They let the misstep turn into a day or week of missteps. The longer you are off track the harder it is to get back on.

My goal was to exercise 5 days this week and keep my food in check. Well I meet that goal. Yay!

I have noticed a difference in the way I look. I am starting to see a waistline. I feel more energized and I am getting stronger. I did a plank for 60 seconds. That is huge for me. I hate planks and it usually gets the best of me. I started 3 weeks ago at doing a plank for 30 seconds. Also for exercise I am trying to run more. I’ve hated running in the past but I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m actually starting to enjoy it.

One of my goals is to run a 5k this year. So I am going to sign up for the 4th of July 5k in Redondo Beach. Right now I can only run for a few minutes but I am striving by July to run the entire 5k. I know I can do it.

So I went for my weigh in and measurements today. I gained a pound but I am not focusing on that since I lost another 2 inches in my waist. I am focusing more on the total inches rather than the total pounds. This is a new beginning for me as usually I would be upset but I’m not as I know the pounds will eventually come off.

Totals so far are down 6 pounds and I’ve lost 6 inches. Yay!!!!

My goal this week is to exercise 5 days and keep my food journal. Also the Muraculous5 team started a pedometer contest. Whoever steps the most in the next 3 weeks wins a massage. I am so going to win!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It Works if You Work It!

Okay week 2 -

I was SHOCKED to learn I'd actually lost some weight, and inches. I haven't yet figured out why I was so amazed, but I was. Maybe it's because in the past, I've had to literally starve myself to move the needle. Not to say I'm not hungry now - really, deprived is more like it.

I have struggled a bit as I am still not 100% well which makes it difficult for me to feel good enough to want to work out all the time. And because it seems to come in waves, I'll sometime get preempted and just have to skip the workout all together. It's been really bumming me out but I'm optimistic that this is the week it all gets under control.

All in all, I do feel stronger. I feel like I can push myself harder without just completely crashing. I feel fairly confident that it's the addition of all the lean protein to my diet, along with the natural increase in strength that comes with just being diligent about working out. I like it.

Over the next week, I really want to focus on getting 100% well so that I can hit the work outs even harder. I want to run, lift, squat, row and sit-up like a crazy women so I can see even more of the results I crave. I love knowing I have control over this and that it works if you work it!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Week 2 - Recap

OK, a little late with the recap, but I'm glad. I went into this week thinking, "I'm not exercising enough. I'm not doing enough. I should have/ shouldn't have," basically beating myself up for not being good enough, whatever "good enough" means.

I think, as women, we do that a lot. Because I have been giving it some thought and here is what I realized, I achieved the goal I set for myself last week which was to get into this with a positive outlook, not grumble about the lack of food or complain about working out and I did that. I have been OK with the food, with a few exceptions of course and I happily donned workout garb (avoiding the mirror :) and went at it. Goal achieved. I should be celebrating that, not dwelling on what I could have done better.

Not only that, but I have made a few other changes that will have a positive impact - I take the stairs in the parking garage, I am putting whole raw milk in my cereal, I have intcreased the number of raw veggies considerably as well as decreasing carb in equal amounts, I still eat some cheese because of nursing, but I cut off an ounce and put the cheese away. And the most significant - I have not had any fast food since we started. I went from going 2-3 times a week to going almost three weeks without any. What makes this even more impressive is that I have taken Will as a treat and I didn't order anything nor did I pilfer a single french fry. May seem like nothing to others, but it was my biggest crutch going into this challenge.

So the goal I am setting is to add more workouts. And with perfect timing, Nik just sent out an email about how to maximize your workout. Which is perfect, because the daunting part for me is where am I going to find extra time? I alreaday get up at 5:30 and go straight through until both kids are in bed at 9. However, I know I can find an extra 15 minutes here and there. Let's see how I do.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 Things Women Should Be Doing in Their Fitness Training—But Aren’t

I found this article interesting…

4 Things Women Should Be Doing in Their Fitness Training—But Aren’t

If your workouts consist of doing light weights and steady-state cardio, you might be in for some bad news: These things alone won’t likely get you the results you’re after, say experts. To increase your fitness level, burn fat, and improve muscle tone, you’ve got to step up your game.
Here are four things women tend to skip that can deliver serious results.

1. High-intensity training.
All that time coasting on the elliptical at a comfortable pace probably hasn’t done much for your body, says Panama-based trainer Belinda Benn, creator of the Breakthrough Physique home fitness system. In fact, the biggest mistake women make in their training is not exercising with enough intensity, she says.
High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is typically a 10- to 20-minute workout that alternates short, intense bursts of activity with moderate-exertion recovery periods. “High-intensity interval training is the best way to improve your overall fitness, burn fat, and stimulate your hormones for a stronger body,” says Benn.
How to tell if you’re training hard enough? Look to your body for clues, Benn says. Good indicators are sweating, increased heart rate, and lactic acid production (i.e., feeling the “burn”) during exercise. Moderate muscle soreness for up to a few days post-workout is also a good sign. “If you feel nothing,” Benn says, “you probably didn’t work out hard enough.”

2. Heavier lifting.
For most women, a typical weight-training session equals light dumbbell exercises, says Toronto-based strength and conditioning specialist Craig Ballantyne, creator of the Turbulence Training Program. But doing fewer reps with more weight—say, 8 reps per set with a 15-pound dumbbell, instead of 15 reps with an 8-pound one—will burn more fat, he says. Lifting heavier will also increase your strength and muscle definition.
Start by swapping out your normal weights for slightly heavier ones, and gradually work your way up.

3. Upper body workouts.
Women tend to store body fat around the waist, hips, and thighs, so that’s where they typically focus their exercise efforts—neglecting their upper bodies, Benn says.
But you can’t spot-reduce fat, and sticking with what’s easy can stunt your progress, says Benn. Because you may feel weak while attempting pull-ups for the first time, Benn suggests doing the hard stuff at the start of your workout, “when you’re freshest and feeling mentally strong.”
“Focusing on underdeveloped muscles will improve the contours of your body,” Benn says.

4. Training with a barbell.
Think barbells are synonymous with back-breaking chest presses? Not so. “You can do a tremendous workout just with a barbell,” Benn says. “If you’re holding a bar rather than using two separate weights, it forces you to get your body in sync.”
Barbells are great for both upper- and lower-body exercises. Balancing one across your shoulders while doing squats, lunges, or walking lunges helps develop posture and balance, Benn says.
If you’re flirting with a barbell for the first time, go as light as you need to. Even 10 pounds is a good start.

Bonus tip:
If you’re worried you’ll bulk up with any of these exercises, consider your body type. Benn says women generally fall into two categories: those who build muscle easily, and those who don’t. If you build muscle easily, she suggests emphasizing high-intensity exercises. If you develop muscle slowly, you’ll benefit from spending more time on heavy lifting.

Chelsea Bush writes for AskFitnessCoach, a site that promotes a down-to-earth approach to fitness and weight loss.

A Fitness Epidemic

I've always been an "active" person- I love to play the Wii and Xbox as these are more active video games, and I also sing and dance all around my house, to the point that even doing the dishes becomes a mix of "So You Think You Cna Dance" and "American Idol" (Sorry neighbors!)

But even with all of my energy and activity, I've never been a full-fleged exerciser. Sure, I take classes a few times a week, feeling like my Zumba and TurboKick are making me stronger. Yet through this competition, I have awoken muscles that havent been moved in a LONG time. And I am feeling it!

As a part of the IH box, Dr. Murad says to start enjoying exercise. And although my body is hating the ropes and hundreds of lunges I do during my new classes, my mind is actually liking it. I like sweating and moving and the constant changeup of exercises. It keeps me on my toes.

Because I have seen great results in such a short amount of time, I have actually inspired my fiance and family members to start the same program with me- like they say, it only takes one person to start a revolution. And our fitness revolution is going to make so many more people healthier and happier!

For Week 3, I want to push myself harder, taking in more classes and additional strength training. I've been doing the minimum amount fo classes thus far so who knows what can happen when I give it that extra little step!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 2 for Mrs_Newton

Sometimes you have to break down to build up. [Is that even a real quote? :)] This week has been a tough one. Much like I Am Worth It, I fell off the wagon and had a mental breakdown on Friday. But, I was so, so lucky that my teammates came to my rescue. They didn't get mad at me; instead they helped me create a plan for success and put me back on the right track. I also found inspiration in a quote from Dr. Murad: "Focus on progress, not perfection." So, this is going to be my motto for this week.

All in all, I still showed results (though not as much as I had hoped). I lost another 1.5 lbs, bringing my total to 3 lbs in the 2 weeks of competition (and a 9 pound loss overall!). And I've lost 3.75 inches in my waist and a quarter inch in my arm.

Even though I didn't feel like I made a lot of progress, when looking back at my Week 2 goals, I actually did! I created a food and workout plan. With this strategy, I could focus clearly on the path I need to take for success. I created a motivation poster and put it front and center at my desk. And I got a spray tan, which made me feel so much better! It's amazing what a little sun-kissed glow will do for you mentally. Even if it comes from a sprayer. :) I'm still trying to get on a consistent sleep schedule. And I saw this week that how tired I am directly effects how much will power I have. So, that will be a big goal for this week (as I type this at midnight!). And I still need to book my anniversary trip. So, that goal is making another appearance on the list...

My Week 3 Goals:

  • Addressing the mental issues associated with my weight gain. Eating less and exercising more should be easy right? Well, for me it's not! And I know that stems from me not thinking I deserve to be thin and pretty. So I'm going to make and appointment with a therapist to try to get to the bottom of the metal issues, so I can fix the physical ones.
  • Revise my motivations. After making my motivation poster last week I realized that though these things do inspire me, they aren't time sensitive enough to motivate me. So, I'm going to make a short term and a long term motivational poster. (You'll see more on these later.)
  • Start jogging in the morning. My initial goal was do to it Monday - Friday, but after one day, my knees are telling me that I need to have a break day in between until I get some more of this weight off. So, my new goal is 3 days a week to start until I build up more muscle and drop more fat!
  • And my final goal for this week is to walk 10,000 steps a day (not counting workouts). I will once again strap on my Murad pedometer and try to get up from my sedentary desk job to clock more steps! 
And on that note, I have a challenge for my teammates - The person that walks the most steps by the end of the competition (not counting workouts!) will get a free 80 minute massage at MIHS! Let the challenge begin!

Next week, I hope to lose more weight than I did this week, which will put me back in to my 160's - the first time since I had my daughter! It will be a big milestone, so I need to push hard to make it happen!