Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 2 for Mrs_Newton

Sometimes you have to break down to build up. [Is that even a real quote? :)] This week has been a tough one. Much like I Am Worth It, I fell off the wagon and had a mental breakdown on Friday. But, I was so, so lucky that my teammates came to my rescue. They didn't get mad at me; instead they helped me create a plan for success and put me back on the right track. I also found inspiration in a quote from Dr. Murad: "Focus on progress, not perfection." So, this is going to be my motto for this week.

All in all, I still showed results (though not as much as I had hoped). I lost another 1.5 lbs, bringing my total to 3 lbs in the 2 weeks of competition (and a 9 pound loss overall!). And I've lost 3.75 inches in my waist and a quarter inch in my arm.

Even though I didn't feel like I made a lot of progress, when looking back at my Week 2 goals, I actually did! I created a food and workout plan. With this strategy, I could focus clearly on the path I need to take for success. I created a motivation poster and put it front and center at my desk. And I got a spray tan, which made me feel so much better! It's amazing what a little sun-kissed glow will do for you mentally. Even if it comes from a sprayer. :) I'm still trying to get on a consistent sleep schedule. And I saw this week that how tired I am directly effects how much will power I have. So, that will be a big goal for this week (as I type this at midnight!). And I still need to book my anniversary trip. So, that goal is making another appearance on the list...

My Week 3 Goals:

  • Addressing the mental issues associated with my weight gain. Eating less and exercising more should be easy right? Well, for me it's not! And I know that stems from me not thinking I deserve to be thin and pretty. So I'm going to make and appointment with a therapist to try to get to the bottom of the metal issues, so I can fix the physical ones.
  • Revise my motivations. After making my motivation poster last week I realized that though these things do inspire me, they aren't time sensitive enough to motivate me. So, I'm going to make a short term and a long term motivational poster. (You'll see more on these later.)
  • Start jogging in the morning. My initial goal was do to it Monday - Friday, but after one day, my knees are telling me that I need to have a break day in between until I get some more of this weight off. So, my new goal is 3 days a week to start until I build up more muscle and drop more fat!
  • And my final goal for this week is to walk 10,000 steps a day (not counting workouts). I will once again strap on my Murad pedometer and try to get up from my sedentary desk job to clock more steps! 
And on that note, I have a challenge for my teammates - The person that walks the most steps by the end of the competition (not counting workouts!) will get a free 80 minute massage at MIHS! Let the challenge begin!

Next week, I hope to lose more weight than I did this week, which will put me back in to my 160's - the first time since I had my daughter! It will be a big milestone, so I need to push hard to make it happen!

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