Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crazy, crazy week! I spent most of it in NYC and for the first time ever, did not have a bagel, or a burger, or gelato, slice of pizza or even a hot dog!! I really kept to the food plan as much as possible (don't think a street dog counts as a lean protein for the snack, so I grabbed a yogurt :) and more importantly, made good food choices the entire time. Only splurge was some wine on my last night there. And I walked everywhere including one marathon trek from the upper east side to 47th and 11th ave! That, of course, would be the day I forgot to put on my pedometer. Oh well.

I have to say that the biggest change I have felt during this challenge hasn't actually been about weight loss. But how different my attitude is and I'm loving it. Rather than kicking myself for not getting intervals in, I feel good because I made a realistic plan and then stuck to it (smart food choices and walk everywhere). I chose to follow Nik's mantra of "strategy trumps will power" and apply it to my expectations for the week. I knew it would be hard to strictly follow the food plan and get all the workouts in, so I set a different goal for the week - keep my weight where it was and not gain. We'll see how I did on Tuesday.

My goal for this week is to REALLY pump up the exercise. I have made an aggressive plan to compensate for last week; I am going to 2 classes, have 2 private sessions and go to the office gym once. For the weekend, I am going hiking with the boys. Usually, they all go together and it is my "me time" but me needs to get my you-know-what in gear and WIN THIS CHALLENGE!!! Go Muraculous5!!!

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