Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 5 for LoJay

Week 5: It Takes 5 Weeks to Change A Habit?

Okay, so I never would have believed that line. I mean, it sounds nice and all, but really, 5 weeks to erase years worth of bad habits? Sounds way too good to be true. Well, here's the kicker - it is! Here I am in week 5, and I actually am liking the way I feel, the choices I'm making and getting out and exercising - crazy I know!

This week I've realized that I actually want to move more - I like it - and when I don't get to, I find myself planning where my next opportunity will present itself. I love getting out and walking - for miles - especially with friends. I love intervals on the treadmill and I love strength training and the way I feel after I've worked out, and I love knowing that I can do anything...I just need those precious 5 weeks to get in check.

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