Monday, March 21, 2011

WINNING! (Said in Charlie Sheen Voice)

Not that Charlie Sheen is the best inspiration; but when I'm feeling a little low, I visualize him saying "WINNING" and it pumps me up (and makes me chuckle)! I think the true prize of this competition is a slimmer physique and greater self confidence. But, if someone is going to throw an extra grand my way as well, I'm not going to complain! So, here's what I would do with my winnings...
With my $1,000 I will:
1) Take $500 to pay for my vow renewal on my 10-year anniversary trip;
2) Take $200 to put towards the new wardrobe I will need including a couple new bikinis to wear on my anniversary trip;
3) Take $300 to put towards a personal trainer to continue this journey.

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