Monday, March 21, 2011

Time flies...when you're changing your life!

Time flies...
when you're changing your life!
I cannot believe that it has been 5 weeks already! So many changes and so much progress, in a way, I wish this challenge was longer. However, I feel like my motivation is in place and won't end when the challenge does. At the market today, I didn't even have to think about my purchases, I picked things that worked for the food plan. When figuring out dinners for the family, I continue to take traditional dishes and tweak them here and there to make them healthier or give myself double veg and skip the potato or rice. I don't even think about taking the elevator in the parking garage and I take a quick turn around the neighborhood at night to get my steps up. I never would have even thought of these things before.

For the first time this challenge, I hit my first speed bump over the weekend by being sick on Saturday. With the exception of going to the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby for Will (he won 1st place for technical design - YEAH!), I pretty much stayed in bed all day and the only things I could eat were bread, pastine and a little meat. But today I was right back on the wagon :). I had wanted to make up for my lack of movement yesterday, but the weather had other plans, so when I went to Target I hit the far left aisle, then walked to the far right, then the 2nd left and 2nd right and so. It helped a bit. I still made my goal of working out 5 times last week, with a interval substitution for a class when my sitter had to cancel. Which is another positive change in me – before I would have used any excuse not to work out, now I simply went for an alternative. I started this challenge to lose baby weight, but I ended up getting so much more out of it. I really want to give a great big thank you to Nik for initiating this contest. And a huge thanks to all my teammates who have helped me stay motivated and on track and supported me every step of the away.

Rolling into week 6, I am pumped and, as we say at Murad, “Ready to make things happen.” My goal is to drop two more pounds before the final weigh in, for a grand total of 12. As Will would say, “Dude, I am sooo making this happen.”

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