Friday, March 18, 2011

Frustrated, But Still Learning

Okay - here I am in week 4 - still sick and still fighting off this crazy infection which means no work outs - and it's really starting to get to me. But as frustrated as I am, I'm still learning so much about how to do things right, especially as it relates to eating.
I've learned that I was making some real mistakes in when and what I ate. I was eating carbs at night, skipping breakfast, eating sporadically, and consuming way too much fat (avocados - which I have also learned are crazy high in calories too!) My metabolism was stalled, my energy was depleted and I totally forgot what it is to be hungry.

So in all my frustration, I've been forced to focus on diet and being really diligent and on-the- money 95% of the time - and it's been a seriously eye-opening experience! I eat breakfast everyday now - always sure to include a protein, embark on a snack mid-morning, then for lunch it's a protein and greens, then another protein rich snack and then for dinner, I go back to protein and greens again - and what I realized is that just like Nik said, eating is critical to weight loss. Even though I have not been able to work out in more than 2 weeks, I've still been losing inches and that to me is total proof that Nik is right!

So with my new found knowledge, and clearance from my Dr, I'm ready to hit the exercise HARD in the coming week and finally be able to reap the benefits of good eating and consistent movement. Thanks Nik!

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