Friday, March 25, 2011

When Lori initially came to me with this challenge I was “Yeah! Absolutely!” But in thinking about actually having to do it, my thoughts were anything but positive. “It’s going to be hard. I don’t want to give up burgers, fries, bread, etc. I don’t have time to do this.” And the ultimate excuses, “I can’t because I am nursing” and “It’s going to take time away from the baby.” Fortunately, I had enough wits about me to recognize them for what they were, excuses. So when the challenge started I was ready and sort of willing to make changes in my life.

My motivation was wanting to be healthier and to feel better about myself. I wanted to get back the body, attitude and self confidence I had at my wedding, less than 2 years ago. When I saw the before pictures and my starting weight I wanted to cry. I weighed more than I did right after giving birth!

I struggled in the first weeks, but with more time spent working out with Nik and on my own, logging my food, blogging and seeking and finding support in my teammates, I noticed a change. And it wasn’t really about weight loss. It was my attitude.

I looked forward to the workouts, I made smart food choices without feeling deprived, I felt better about myself overall and I was actually making change happen in my life. Stairs and double veg and quick jogs and deadlifts using the baby as my weight. Don’t get me wrong, I had my moments, but overall, I could feel an optimism stealing over me. When I started seeing physical changes - 3 pounds, 5 pounds, 9 pounds, 2” off my waist then 3.5” and finally throwing away maternity clothes - it was awesome!

Now 6 weeks later, I am stronger, healthier and smarter. I am also 14 pounds lighter and my waist is 6” smaller. But this is only the beginning. The new habits I have started will not end tomorrow with the contest, but are just a starting point.

I would like to thank Nik for giving me this opportunity to make a change, my teammates for always being there for me and my husband and two boys for supporting me and cheering me on in their own way (Mommy, you’re not fat anymore!).

I am looking forward to losing the next 14 in the months to come. Bring it on.

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