Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We could win this thing!

I have seen other posts on what everyone would do with the prize money and have been giving more thought to what I might do with it. Originally, I had planned to spend it on new clothes for my honeymoon. However, having gone through 5 weeks, I realize that I am not ready for this challenge to end.

I am starting to see real results. More strength, an ability to hold proper form, an increase in reps and weight and after just over a month! I have decided that if we win, I am going to put most of the prize money back into the workout, seeing this as an investment in myself. And frankly, it is one that is well worth it (not to steal Hilary's tag). And I might splurge on a pair of gray Lululemon pants (thanks for the tip Nik! ;)

4 days and counting, let's finish strong ladies. STRONG!!!

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