Saturday, March 26, 2011

One Door Closes, Another Opens...

The results are in and I am sooo proud of what I was able to accomplish in 4 weeks - that's right, FOUR weeks as there were 2 weeks where I was not able to exercise at all as a result of an ongoing illness and Doctor's orders.

I cannot believe my results in such a short time.; 4 pounds and change lost, 6 inches lost and down 2 jean sizes (from a 30 to a 28!) And while I know it would've been better with the 2 additional weeks, I'm satisfied that I did all I could with the hand I was dealt.

But even more important then what the scale and the measuring tape show, I am emotionally a different person now than I was 6 weeks ago. I am loving the control I have over my weight - I love how I decide. So with that power, I am choosing to continue this journey - to reach my goal and to then keep myself where I need to be; healthy, happy and confident in the way I look; finally! I joined a gym, have personal training sessions scheduled 3 times a week for the next 12 weeks and with daylight savings time and our step contest still going, I plan to do A LOT of intervals!

I want to thank my team incredible members - Jen, Hilary, Katherine Marie and Sarah - for talking me off the ledge every time I was going to do something crazy like workout when I wasn't supposed to. And even more than that, they helped me not feel so guilty about not giving what I wanted to give during the 2 weeks I had to take off. It made all the difference for me emotionally, as normally, I would have just given up and rendered the situation hopeless. I am so lucky to have been teamed with such amazing ladies and I know that we will continue this journey as a source of support for each other and will go places we never thought possible, together.

I also want to thank my family - mostly for allowing me the time I needed to make all this happen, without making me feel bad for missing time with them. As mothers, we are always conflicted about these kinds of choices and having a great support system at home that actually says "mom, you look so good!" makes me realize that they want the same things I do - a mom who is happy, healthy and feeling good at every stage of her life.

I am so grateful to Nik for doing this contest as it really was the catalyst for positive change in my life. Sure, it was the money at first, but now I know it's much more than that - effin' brilliant Nik!

So the contest is over, but the race is not. The goal has shifted from 6 weeks to forever. And while I'm sad to see the door close on the 6 week contest, I am super excited for the door that's about to open to let this strong, healthy, better version of me walk through.

See you all at the gym :-)

In gratitude...

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