Saturday, March 5, 2011

It Works if You Work It!

Okay week 2 -

I was SHOCKED to learn I'd actually lost some weight, and inches. I haven't yet figured out why I was so amazed, but I was. Maybe it's because in the past, I've had to literally starve myself to move the needle. Not to say I'm not hungry now - really, deprived is more like it.

I have struggled a bit as I am still not 100% well which makes it difficult for me to feel good enough to want to work out all the time. And because it seems to come in waves, I'll sometime get preempted and just have to skip the workout all together. It's been really bumming me out but I'm optimistic that this is the week it all gets under control.

All in all, I do feel stronger. I feel like I can push myself harder without just completely crashing. I feel fairly confident that it's the addition of all the lean protein to my diet, along with the natural increase in strength that comes with just being diligent about working out. I like it.

Over the next week, I really want to focus on getting 100% well so that I can hit the work outs even harder. I want to run, lift, squat, row and sit-up like a crazy women so I can see even more of the results I crave. I love knowing I have control over this and that it works if you work it!

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