Sunday, March 13, 2011

One tired lady...

This week was exhausting! And not because of the workouts (although those were pretty hardcore this week- even the fittest people in class were huffing and puffing) It was a mix of personal stuff and work and a lack of sleep that had me yawning and dragging my butt to the workouts even though I just wanted to take a break (and a nap)

And I have to say, looking back on this week, I am incredibly proud of myself. I stuck to it when I would normally give up. I went to the workouts and pushed myself harder than I had because I love seeing and feeling the results.

Sure I started all of this for a competition. And yes, of course it will be wonderful to win. But I've already accomplished something that I hadn't in previous attempts to lose weight- I'm actually making a lifestyle change.

With only two weeks left, I am excited to see where I'll end up. But week six won't be the end for me- I plan on keeping going and reaching my goal that I set for myself in December 2010 and have yet to meet. Being able to stick to this fitness and nutrition plan thus far has shown me that I can and will do this.


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